Teaching and learning music is a rich and broad experience. However, it is the relationship between the student and his/her mentor what truly nurtures a creative learning environment. 

Teaching is one of the most challenging yet rewarding occupations. As a teacher, my job is not only to educate every student, but also to help them develop their piano craft and critical thinking skills. I must also model a professional image and conduct myself accordingly as I will always be a role model to my students.

Music is a joyful experience, and motivation should be present throughout the teaching-learning process. Repertoire is essential to learning piano. It is my goal to give students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of music styles, while respecting their musical preferences.

I provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in a variety of musical performing endeavors that may include solos, accompaniments, or chamber ensembles. Above all, it is crucial for students to develop musical taste and make judgments about the aesthetic quality of music. 

I strongly believe in the individuality of each student. Students should be carefully guided so that they can become confident of their own interpretative ideas and they can express their musical decisions with conviction. 

Even though it is essential for a teacher to assist the student in discovering his/her individual voice as an interpreter, it is equally critical to respect the individual voice of each student. By exercising thorough analysis and developing listening skills, students can easily achieve both artistic and informed performances of all styles of music. 

Learning is an active process. To teach how to learn is my primary objective. This is the most important lesson students can receive from their mentors. In keeping with this belief, I emphasize initiative and self-direction, encourage exploration and creativity, and show the students respect and affection.

My views of teaching and learning are evolving with time. During my years of experience, I have gained confidence in reaching and inspiring each individual student. My dedication, leadership skills, enthusiasm, and strong desire to learn and excel have helped me serve as a better guide along this journey of discoveries -- the teaching-learning process.